Privacy Policy

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) is committed to protecting individual privacy on the Internet.

Gathering and Use of Information

CFDR does not disclose, give or sell any personal information about site visitors.

Information submitted by users on a voluntary basis is used for the purpose of providing you with information regarding CFDR, as well as to provide you with information you have requested. Information from users is only maintained as needed to fulfill the stated purpose.


We have taken steps to make sure all information received from our online visitors is as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use.

Using "Cookies"

Like many other web sites, the CFDR Web site uses an Internet tool called a "cookie". Cookies are small bits of data that we send to your computer to track visitor activity on our site. This information is used to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our site visitors.

Tracking IP Addresses

An IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are using the Internet. Web servers - the computers that "serve up" Web pages - identify your computer by its IP address. We collect IP addresses for the purposes of system administration and to report aggregate information on the use of our site. When you request pages from our site, our servers log your IP address. We can and will use IP addresses to identify a user when it is deemed necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use and License Agreement or to protect our service, site, customers, or others' privacy from those that might abuse such.

CFDR provides links to other sites that we believe provide relevant information, but is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of these web sites.

CFDR reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this web site.

Using Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research Materials

You may download or make copies of our web site materials for your own personal and educational use, provided credit to Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research is maintained. Please make sure you display our copyright and/or trademark notices on your copy. Please do not modify any of our logos or designs; or distribute, republish or post our materials to build another website or for your own commercial, educational or promotional purposes. If you do so, without first obtaining our written consent, you'll be violating our intellectual property rights. You can write to ask for consent at

Trademarks & Copyright

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research is the registered owner of intellectual properties displayed on this site; and has the exclusive right to use these trademarks and copyrighted designs. We consider all our intellectual properties to be very important assets of our Foundation and protect them from unauthorized use by others. We often use a ™ or a ® symbol to indicate which items are trademarks, referring to a footnote explaining our ownership.

CFDR Public Website Disclaimer

Educational information on this website is based on the best available evidence. Information is intended for educational and informational purposes only; it is not meant to replace medical advice or to apply to individuals with special medical needs. Those that need more personal nutrition advice, or who are following a specific diet that affects food choices, should contact a Registered Dietitian. While every effort is made to ensure information contained on this web site is accurate and up to date, errors may occasionally occur. The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research assumes no responsibility or liability arising from any error in or omission of information or from the use of any information or advice contained within this web site. The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research web site may contain links to other external web sites which do not fall under the domain. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such external web sites. The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research does not endorse the content, products or services on other web sites.


Please be assured that we take your privacy seriously, and make every reasonable effort to protect it. If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact

Last updated Apr 16, 2012